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Malt Based Food With Cocoa

Malt Based Food with Cocoa

Today, from adults to children, everyone is craving for tasty chocolate health drinks. Malted Food with Cocoa is also one of the choices of everyone, who loves chocolate drinks. Malted Milk Food with Cocoa, available here, is highly demanded in the market owing to high nutritional benefits and properties. This is an ideal combination of high end supplements and nutrients necessary for the body. Having cocoa in the form malt based food has become a superior source of food supplements for growing children. In addition to provide high nutrition to the body, this magical combination of cocoa and malt is also available with varied other advantages of treating different ailments and maladies. It is processed using quality malt extract, salt, milk solids, cocoa solids, sugar, caramel with vitamins and minerals using vacuum oven drying process. Moreover, packaging of this food is done in high quality sachet, pouch as well as refill under clean conditions.

Being a leading manufacturer of wide range of organic food.

Children as well as adults now-a-days craved for delicious chocolate health drink. It has become highly demanded among our esteemed customers. Sipping cocoa in this form has become a good source of food supplement for growing children. Besides offering nutrition, cocoa and malt has various advantages when used to treat ailments and maladies.


We use malt extract, cocoa solids, sugar, salt, milk solids, caramel along with vitamins and vitamins. Vacuum oven drying process is used for manufacturing process done under our state-of-art manufacturing unit. Packaging of the food is done in sachet, pouch or refill under hygienic conditions.

Nutritional Information (per 100 grams)


2.2 gm


84 gm


7.5 gm

Folic Acid

220 mcg

Vitamin A

800 mcg


46.5 mg

Vitamin B1

2.6 mg


31 mcg

Vitamin B2

1.8 mg


7.5 mg

Vitamin B5

5.5 mg


30 mcg

Vitamin B6

40 mg


180 mcg

Vitamin B12

5.5 mcg


1.1 mg

Vitamin C

40 mg


250 mg


385 Kcal


34.5 mcg


1.5 mg