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Malt Based Food With Cocoa

Malt Based Food With Cocoa

A tasty chocolate health drink made using the Malt Based Food With Cocoa. This is the kind of food product which is made from a variety of different ingredients, which includes Malt Extract, Sugar, Solids, Caramel, Cocoa Solids, Malted Milk Food, Salt, Vitamins and Minerals and many others. Malt based food products with cocoa is an excellent dietary supplement for children, particularly malnourished as well as growing youngsters. The vacuum oven drying technique is used to produce the Malt Based Food With Cocoa. In addition, the final product is packaged under rigorous sanitary conditions to safeguard the nutritional content.

Product Details


385 Kcal

Quantity Per Pack

25 kg

Packaging Type



Restaurant,Home Purpose


7.5 gm


2.2 gm