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Malt Extracts

Malt Extracts

Dried Malt Extract, a healthy and hygienic product, is light in color with high-degree of ferment capability. Baked Barley Malt, available here, is ideal to be used in any beer for the base malt-extract. This is available in different types and varieties to make the experience of brewing better. It is developed by taking out the moisture content of the liquid malt using a spray drying process. This source of malt is sure to last longer than the liquid extract owing to no moisture content present. This is a perfect ingredient of starters and all wheat beers. It is available in Pilsner, Amber, Light, Dark, Wheat as well as Dried Rice. Some dried malt extract is darker as the crystal malts are used during the production process. Pilsner dried malt is a light colored extract ideal for lagers. It also adds a unique flavor to ales and other products.

Liquid Malt Extract is a sweetener, for the most part utilized as a dietary supplements. It likewise goes about as a fortifying solution for kids and can be blended with cod liver oil to improve its admission qualities. Lower pound temperature is utilized while handling, that is pervasive in the in lager blending hone, just to expand its viability.

We are industry's unmistakable Malt Extract manufacturer and Supplier, offering the incomparable quality, sound and hygienic Liquid Malt Extract. Our Liquid Malt is a thick syrup, which is effortlessly handled and is fit for conveying compelling results when blended with different fixings.

We give these Liquid Malts in the purest structure that too in sealed bundling. Our group of experienced experts is occupied with taking care of these too much sticky malts tenderly and deliberately. Our on time conveyance of substantial measure of Liquid Malts has earned us acknowledgment as a solid and dependable supplier in the business sector. Our items are reckoned for following qualities:


  • Delivery of high grade quality
  • Healthy and hygienic products
  • Safe to consume
  • Tamper-proof packaging services
  • Gentle and systematic handling of products
  • On time delivery


Test Standard
Appearance A viscous liquid amber or yellowish brown in color. Free from any adulterants, off odor, foreign flavor and impurities.
Identification Positive for Carbohydrates
Taste Characteristic Malt and sweet taste free from any detectable foreign or off flavor I.e. not be sharp or bitter or sour tail.
Total Solid 78 to 82%
Protein (% w/w on dry basis) Min. 4%
Total Ash 1.3 to 1.7%
Acidity (% w/v solution) 1.40% max
PH( of 10% solution) 45.0 to 6.0
Reducing Sugar (%w/w as anhydrous maltose) Max. 60%
Specific Gravity (At 20 deg. C) 1.3 to 1.5
Starch Negative
Viscosity 60,000 to 2,00,000 cp
Microbial limit test.
SPC at 37 deg. C <10000 cfu/gm
Yeast & Moulds <50 cfu/gm
Coliforms Absent
Staphylococcus Aureus Absent
Salmonella Species Absent
Profile of Carbohydrates
Glucose (gm/100 gm) 3.9-8.6
Fructose (gm/100 gm) 0.4-2.0
Sucrose (gm/100 gm) 0.7-2.0
Maltose (gm/100 gm) 27.3-40