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Malt Flour

Malt Flour

Malted Barley Flour, offered by us, is 100% characteristic item developed using chose grain. Diastatic Malt Flour is exceptionally molded without using any added substances, colorants, additives, or anything else. Owing to its abnormal state of normal catalysts like alpha as well as beta amylase, this is widely used in varied commercial enterprises. This is developed using modern malting process using high tech machines and tools. This is in huge demands in the market for rich and healthy qualities that cannot be found in other grain flour. Utilizing the entire grain in the developing of malted grain, this is splashed for the entire and rapidly dried to abstain to the grains from sprouting. It is the best quality flour having properties of nutritionally enriched vitamins and minerals. In addition to this, it is free from pesticides as well as other harmful chemicals ensuring to provide healthy, hygienic and safe to consume product.

We offer Barley Malt Flour and Barley Malt Flour Extract. This Malt flour is a 100% characteristic item produced using chose grain. These Barley Malt Flour item is exceptionally molded without utilizing any added substances, additives, colorants or whatever other fixing. Because of its abnormal state of regular catalysts like alpha and beta amylase and these Diastatic Malt Flour item is exceedingly respected in a few commercial enterprises. We hold tremendous aptitude in delivering commercial malt flour through high quality malting process. Inferable from our broad experience and point by point research, we are presently a figured and dependable Malted Barley Flour manufacturer and supplier of India.

We offer these highly reviewed products, which are perceived for its rich healthful qualities, that are not found in some other grain flour. We utilize just entire grain in the planning of malted grain that is splashed for an entire and quickly dried to abstain the grains from sprouting.


  • Best quality flour
  • Multiple purpose flour
  • Nutritionally enriched
  • Free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals
  • Health and hygiene focused production procedure
  • Hygienic and safe to consume
  • Tamper-proof packaging services
  • On time delivery


Specifications of standard Malt Flour:

  • Humidity: <9%
  • Diastatic powder: Minimum 250 WK
  • Enzymatic activity: Minimum 50 U.D


Specifications of Diast Malt Flour:

  • Humidity: <9%
  • Diastatic powder: Minimum 450 WK
  • Enzymatic activity: Minimum 70 U.D



  • Packing is done in paper bags having a polyethylene interior bag of 20 kgs weight