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Malted Milk Food

Malted Milk Food

Malted Milk Food Powder is ideal for meeting the body needs of essential and wholesome nutrition. This White Malt powder is a highly nutritional supplement prepared from a fine and accurate blend of wheat flour, malted grain, and drain. Here, you can get the range in two forms, one is diastatic and the other is nondiastatic. Diastatic malt is prepared from enzymes that can easily break down the starch into sugar. Hence, this is widely used by bakers in bread dough to assist the dough rise as well as create a definite crust. On the other hand, Nondiastatic malt does not contain active enzymes. It is used for adding flavor in beverages. This high quality powder is available with unmatched nutrition value with complete health and hygiene. It is very safe and healthy to consume making it ideal to be used by different age groups. Available in tamper-proof packaging, this is sure to provide the best value of money.

Malted Milk Food is a powdered dinner, best suitable for get ready different wholesome wellbeing supplements. It is readied from a blend of malted grain, wheat flour, and drain, in this way treating the blend till it transforms into fine substance.

We are perceived as a recognized Malted Milk Cookies Manufacturer in our industry. We offer a delightful and exceedingly favored scope of Malted Milk Food Products, including Malted Milk Biscuits, Malted Milk Cookies, Malted Hot Drinks, Ice Creams, Malted Milk Balls and Candy Confections.

We convey to both of you writes of Malted Powder, that is; Diastatic and Nondiastatic. Diastatic Malt is utilized as a part of the planning of heated sustenance items, that prompts ascent of batter and gives magnificent outside layer. Non Diastatic Malt does not contain any dynamic proteins, because of which it is favored as an enhancing operators in different refreshments.


  • High grade quality
  • High nutrition value
  • Safe and healthy to consume
  • Healthy and hygienic
  • Tamper-proof packaging services
  • Time oriented delivery